Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Denver Episode with the American Impressionist Society

Traveling provides fresh opportunities for the landscape painter. This photo of the Colorado Rockies was taken at the ranch where the American Impressionist Society painted together in 2014. (Yes I have fresh memories on tap of this year's trip to Arizona, but the chronological part of me won't allow me to share that yet.)   

Opening Night! American Impressionist Society, National Juried Exhibition, Denver
The Abend Gallery hosted the festivities. At the mic - Debra Groesser, President. At her side - Becky Joy, Show Chair, and Cheryl St. John, VP. 

There's my "Restoration Time" among the boats and seascapes. On each artist's name tag was their painting. It was fun to recognize each other by our works. 

With Deb and Cheryl at the paint-out. A yummy barbecue lunch was provided by Southwest Art Magazine.

Clayton Beck was the judge of awards. Befriending the Judge! Ha!

Back to work! For my 2nd painting I climbed a bit higher to get a view of the snow capped peaks - difficult to see in this photo.

Enjoyed the Western American Art Collection at the Denver Art Museum with some fine artists - Julie Houck and Cindy Baron.

Wonderful lunch at the museum with "Charlie" Carolyn Bogusz of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine (center) and some fine artists from the Northwest - Za Vue and Anton Pavlenko. 

 Interesting to watch this portrait come to life. Clayton painted T. R. Dickinson - husband of Charlotte Dickinson, Original Founder of AIS.

Getting acceptance in this show was a double treat for me because my son and family live there. It felt like I had won or earned a visit with them. 

So much fun hiking around Mount Evans and Red Rocks with these little cuties. They got to break the big news: We're getting a new BABY!!! So yeah, I got to go back to Denver in May to welcome Jake, my son Noah's 1st son! Our 7th grand-baby! Exciting times! Since my plein air start is not show-worthy, I'll leave you with this museum piece - "A Snowy Mountain Range" by Thomas Moran. 


Victor Errington said...

Hi Jill.
Long time no see. It was lovely to receive a lot of wonderful photos, thank you, more please. hope to see more postings soon, thank you. All the best to you Jill.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you Vic for the suggestion to add the sign-up for readers to receive my blog via e-mail. Thanks also for the comment on this post. Last evening I tried to post comments on your recent work and I got failure notices, I'm not sure why there is a disconnect between our systems. I liked your oranges. I painted oranges this week also. Your painting of a fisherman on a boat was great also. Take care. Hope all is well on your side of the pond.