Friday, February 13, 2015

My One and Only Time in the Snow

Swiftly Melting Shadow, 12x16, Oil.

It's my one and only ever, plein air snow scene! There was more than one reason to work quickly on this November day as I visited Ohio. Foremost - to get back in the warmth before my toes got frostbitten. Furthermore - the sun that provided the lovely shadow was relentlessly melting the snowy cover and forcing me to add green peeking through.
 I like how the distance has a chilly feel, and how I was able to look past the houses across the street to retain my original idea- the tree and it's shadow in the snow. It is a nippy 30 something degrees here in the North of Florida this morning, so I though I better post this while it's at least seasonally relevant. Not so much posting going on these days but I'm still "painting up a storm".

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Arianna Marangonzin said...

Ottima realizzazione!
Brava e congratulazioni!