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Fine Art Connoisseur - Featured Artwork: Jill Berry

Fine Art Connoisseur - Featured Artwork: Jill Berry
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It was reflection time as I wrote my new Artist Bio for this feature. ---

"As a landscape painter living in Pensacola, Florida, I am forever entertained by waterways, blue skies and sunlight. Each week I take in the fresh air and experience of painting outdoors. Creating the spirit of a place with pigments on canvas. Recording by hand the beauty I observe. It is a fascinating occupation.

"For as long as I remember, I have enjoyed the landscape around me. Our mimosa tree in the moonlight; a stone fence decorating the rolling countryside: these were my early subjects as a young artist in Kentucky. Many moons have past since 1976 when I received an Art Scholarship to Murray State University. I continually study and develop my passion for art. As for style and influence, I am an Impressionist. With thick oil paint and broken color, I build surface texture that vibrates with life, echoing nature.

"Impressionist Landscape Painters leave a wonderful legacy, one that I am happy to contribute to, for the enjoyment of generations to come. Think of all the great paintings of Venice, or the works of the Hudson River School and the California Impressionist. Once you’ve stood in the same locations, your appreciation of their art soars, simply because you can relate. Future artists may stand from my vantage point, witness the same scene, and be compelled also to paint their interpretation. This makes the world of art evermore intriguing. Landscape painting has a powerful way of connecting the ages.

"My 'travelogue' of treasured plein air paintings includes work from California’s coast, NY’s Adirondack waterfalls, and the Italian Riviera. This year’s 'summit' took place in Denver, as I painted the Colorado Rockies and exhibited with the American Impressionist Society. Through my blog 'Plein Air Painting Journal' I have shared my painting adventures since 2008."

Recent Achievements:
2014 - American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition, Abend Gallery, Denver Colorado, October 2nd - November 1
2014 - Pensacola Museum of Art Juried Exhibit
2013 - “Ways of Water” solo show, Fairhope Alabama
2013 - Emerging Artist Award - Art Galleries & Artists of the South

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