Thursday, September 25, 2014

American Impressionist Society Exhibition!

"Restoration Time", 12x16, Oil on Linen, American Impressionist Society Exhibition 2014.

 This plein air painting was juried into the 15th National Exhibition of the American Impressionist Society! The Abend Gallery in Denver is hosting the show. I am excited to attend the Opening Night on October 2nd and see it hanging among the works of modern Impressionist painters whose work I admire. From over 1300 entries, 165 were chosen. One of the events surrounding the show is a group paint-out. I'm sure the newness of painting a Colorado landscape will be well worth packing up Easel for the journey.

  It was during Florida's "Forgotten Coast en plein air" that "Restoration Time" was painted. A group of us were painting in a boatyard near Apalachicola. While searching for my inspiration that morning, I met Leon Holmes who pointed out the pile of ruble, boats that had been demolished since he had painted them the previous day. A board from yesterday's boat became for him the surface of a boatyard tribute painting. It does add an erie respect for your subject knowing that it may not be there tomorrow and you may be the last to enjoy it.

 Though it has no water, nor is it my usual landscape, I'm glad the painting which achieved my goal of this national show is one that represents Florida's Gulf Coast, my home and where I love to paint. You can find it in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine's feature on the American Impressionist Society Show (October issue).

 For me, the concept was the purple shadow on the brightly lit cabin, and in contrast, the weathered hull dripping with rusty stains. I'm not the kind who needs to perfectly state every rigging pipe. Just a few swipes with the palette knife and I am satisfied that I've said enough.

 Studying Impressionist Art trains my brain to see and think Impressionistically. It's a painted language where you are allowed to put the emphasis where you desire. How and when the poetry stops, is all up to you. The luscious texture of this genre is what compels me to the easel, and to the museum shows. Oh! Also I'm looking forward to the French Impressionist works at the Denver Art Museum, "Finding the Light", a tour and lunch sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur. I will have to write a post afterwards and tell you all about it.
To view all the juried works - click here for the AIS 2014 show catalogue online.  


skip said...

This shrimper could not be a better statement of the past, present and future here on the Forgotten Coast.

Linda Safford said...

A beautiful capture of our coast's history. Plein Air is my next venture in painting.

Peter said...

Love your work. I'm trying to get better at plein air. Do you ever do posts of paintings in process? It would be very inspirational to how you start one of these knife paintings
Thanks for blogging !

Tony Baker said...

I keep looking for fellow artists work that inspires me and I keep finding yours.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments.

Enjoy the adventure, Linda! It's Fun!

Peter- I have done some work-in-progress videos that I've posted here with the paintings. My YouTube site has all my videos: .
My video "Open Air" is a compilation of outdoor work. I prefer to jump right into the painting process with little or no drawing, blocking in shapes with paint, then building layers of texture to describe the various areas. The progression is best seen in my still life videos like "French Easel in the kitchen".
I appreciate knowing that my work is an inspiration to others. - (Tony, thanks.)