Thursday, July 10, 2014

Painting Adventure in Italy!!!

Cliffs of Cinque Terre, 11x14, Oil, Plein air in Italy, Private Collection.

It certainly was a thrill to paint this one on location! Excited that my trip-of-a-lifetime had finally arrived, and there I was with my easel set up to paint the Italian Riviera! It still feels like a dream! Each morning a different village with spectacular views.

For my second painting of the day, I went down on the rocks and painted the colorful buildings of Riomagiorre. To paint the "Cliffs of Cinque Terre" I was situated midway along this steep sidewalk by the buildings. As I worked, a stream of tourists filed by, many stopping to chat and observe.

I was constantly snapping memories and I've compiled a video of my favorites. Grab an espresso and enjoy a 15 minute whirlwind tour of Cinque Terre, Florence, and Venice!

I could go on telling about --- The aqua color of the sea, more beautiful than I'd ever seen. Rising early to explore Vernazza for the first time, so quiet, like my own private amusement world.

 --- How navigating Venice became a fun challenge! Finding the places I'd booked on-line with only a print-out confirmation and the help of friendly folks pointing me in the right direction. My language of gesturing worked nicely in person, just not over the phone. So a shopkeeper called the hotel number for me. With my backpack & Dora-like instructions, I proceeded... (1) lingerie shop (2) alleyway (3) bridge... till the cobblestones led me to the building with a small plaque by the door that matched my reservations. Boats and waterways, so much more alluring than paved streets and signs.

--- Even from the train window I was enthusiastically photographing the Tuscan countryside. No I didn't have my head out the window as a puppy might, but I was extracting every ounce of delight from the experience. I'll let the pictures tell the story...
Reminder: the icon at the bottom right of the video makes it a big screen production! Enjoy~

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