Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Good Old-Fashioned Press Release

 As my show approached, an important task was to get the word out. To make the most of the opportunity, I sent press releases to local magazine and newspaper publishers. If you're like lots of us these days, you feel pretty well "publicized" after you've posted on your blog, shared on Facebook and Google+, Tweeted it, and Pinned it. But alas - there are still printing presses and folks who read the paper. My mother, for instance, still shares clipped articles via the U.S. mail. (Hi Mom, in case you're reading my blog.)  For a local show, your target audience is not the worldwide stage. That's why I made the effort to connect with the local media by sending "the good old-fashioned press release". Likes and comments on social media are encouraging, but when you have actually taken your work to hang in a show, you want people to physically go to the gallery and take home a painting for their real wall.    

"Peaking" 18x24, SOLD. 
 Months after the show, I am still reaping the rewards of advertising. The Coastal Alabama magazine with my painting "Peaking" was patiently waiting in a Doctor's office near Mobile Bay until it caught the eye of a marine biologist. As a pilot who took photographers up and monitored the oil spill, our Gulf Coast holds special interested for him. He tracked this one down and bought it for his wife. What a pleasure meeting them!  

 Destin Life, a community magazine of Destin Beach, Florida, published the article and photos that I submitted. In the April issue: "Enveloped in culture, Berry's art echoes her adventures". They added the titles and captions. Give or take a couple of edited words, it is the "Beauty of Adventure" which I shared with you in January. To read the article: here is the link to my previous post. As always, thanks for your interest in my work.

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