Thursday, March 27, 2014

Generate Interest with an Engaging Exhibit

 I have no way of knowing if the visitors from a distant state who purchased my artwork, ever enjoyed this island while boating or dining at the Sunset Grill. But they do know this about the artist. This simple painting  had been on my studio top-shelf for a few years. I gave the horizon a finishing touch, signed it, titled it "Where Florida runs into Alabama", and delivered it with my "Ways of Water" show. It sold the next day, technically before the show opened!

 With the exception of Opening Night,  I knew I would not be present and able to voice thoughts surrounding my work. That is why I decided to add to my exhibit a photographed visual of the painting's origin. Just like I've always done on my blog, show the "Inspiration and Interpretation" together.

 The public reception is the artist's chance to meet people and talk about your work. Instant conversations with would-be-strangers, except now the topic of conversation is obvious as they have come to see your work. Perhaps a particular painting has caught their eye, they linger over it, and naturally you want to tell them more of the story. I talk about the location, what drew me there, what interested me about the day, the atmosphere, circumstances, happenstances, or even why I composed the painting as I did. Chances are, as you share your inspiration, their interest is compounding. 

 Yes, it felt like 'going the extra mile' after completing the paintings and preparing them for hanging, to then file through my memories and photos to assemble a note of interest to post by each painting. But it made for a special exhibit, with more possibilities of personal connection.

 I purposely limited my text to a small sentence, wanting the painting to get the attention. I've been to great museum shows and felt intellectually pulled to read the historic information, all while, every artistic fiber in me was begging, enjoy the painting! So I did not want to overdo it with words, just enhance the visual experience.

 I received so many great comments on the show, and always with appreciation for the added bonus of it's unique presentation. The viewer enjoyed a glimpse behind the scenes.


Theresa Grillo Laird said...

Great idea Jill!

Janelle Goodwin said...

It looks like a great mix of your paintings and the idea of showing it's original viewpoint and inspiration is so intimate. Wonderful!

cynthia rosen said...

interesting idea.