Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ways of Water, solo show reflections

For the visual artist, a solo show is a season of concentrated effort, a time to give it your all. Centered around a theme, with discipline you work toward your goal. In a way like a personal olympic feat; or a collection of thoughts that add up to a novel. The creative process takes place in solitude, between you and the canvas. Though given an opportunity, you are happy for the audience. You set out to fill that gallery with the best representations of your work before the time is up, before it is opening night. 

Considering these the heart of the show, I wanted them front and center. 
("Peaking", "One Day in Carmel", "Lighthouse Keeper's View") 

 Gallery Night in Fairhope (AL) draws a crowd to the Eastern Shore Art Center where my "Ways of Water" show filled the Courtyard Gallery.

 I was fortunate to meet this buyer who selected "Ladies in Waiting" (top right in photo).
Others sold before and after the opening reception, including a Gulf shore plein-air "About to Rain" (top left in photo). Most all of my work originates in plein air. Included here is a lake in Kentucky (bottom left) and a catfish farm (bottom right). Since the water draws me when I paint outdoors, I had lots of fun with this theme. I'll continue this topic in my next post.


Gina Brown said...

Beautiful work, Jill!!! I love how you have photos of your plein air set up next to the paintings!!!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks! Good eye, Gina, I'm going to blog about that next. I'm excited to paint with y'all soon.

Kathleen Harrington said...

This looks like a fantastic show. Congratulations!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Kathleen. Nice to hear from you again. Oh how our old-blog-world has changed! Yours is the first I've noticed - the Google+ icon when commenting on Blogger. Also i was happy to discover the pinterest link at the bottom of my post today. So many avenues of connection on this www. Happy painting up in Ohio.

Bruce Newman said...

Congratulations on your show, Jill. Your work looks terrific!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Bruce, I appreciate the comment.