Thursday, March 7, 2013

Future Show, and One Day in Carmel

One Day in Carmel, 24x30, Oil.  

I must say, it feels great to have the space of months to work toward a show of ones own creation. When I envision my show "The Ways of Water" filling the Courtyard Gallery, I see large canvases. So I am busy in my workshop making it come to life. When the show opens on August 2nd at Fairhope Alabama's - Eastern Shore Art Center; I see this painting and other large yet un-conceived works alongside my plein air watery-themes. I may be blogging less, but it's full throttle in the painting realm. Total immersion.
Inspiration is still surfacing from the day I painted in California. I invite you to view this video of my plein-air excursion to Carmel during Weekend with the Masters, Monterey.
Pensacola News Journal, "Eye on Art" features this painting in a review of our Art Study Club Spring Show : Read the article Link.


hmuxo said...

This is such a beautiful seascape, Jill!! The best of luck with your exhibit!!!

Marie Theron said...

Hi Jill, if I had time to stare through the window,this is almost the scene of waves and rocks I would see. Your painting has both movement and stillness in it. Thank you for your wonderful words and the love sent from the other side of the world. I appreciated it when you said: "As much fun as the blogging of art can be, the making of Art, and Life itself must supersede." This is so true of my current situation.Hugs, Marie said...

Great painting. Doing this piece plein air by beach would pose some wind issues I think.