Monday, February 11, 2013

Native Vegetation

Native Vegetation, 14x18, Oil, Plein air. 
What do hunting, fishing, plein air painting, and blind dates have in common?? Raw, sheer ~Mystery!!. You never know what you'll be coming home with, encounter. On this fine morning we rendezvoused at Bagelheads with our final destination- somewhere near the visitors center. When these blooming yucca plants caught my eye, I set up shop here. To give you a visual panorama - to the right was a chain-link fence, beyond that a parking lot of utility trucks; behind me - "downtown" Pensacola; at left - an avenue of homes, unique architecture. In fact in front of me were interesting sites I could have included. I stopped to photograph the red double-decker bus that went by and a sailboat launching in the bay across the street. What I like about this painting is the "old Florida" feel. Like I just landed here and am exploring it for the first time.


Justine Biber said...

Nice blog and nice image collection. Thanks a lot for sharing. I love it too much.

Jill Berry said...

Thank you Justine, for your kind comment. I am glad you found my blog.