Friday, May 18, 2012

Mimosa with a View / Florida Paint Out

 Mimosa with a View, SOLD, 11x14. Painted near Apalachicola, FL. 
Last week at the Forgotten Coast Plein-Air Paint-out, there was so much Art happening! Where do I start to catch-up this blog? On my 1st full day, this was my second painting. I ended up staying 8 nights, overstaying my canvas-stash, and returning home just in time for Mother's Day lunch.

 Originally I pulled over to get a photo of this tree. It was late afternoon but I still had some energy. So why not go ahead and paint here?
This fellow was composing a nice painting involving the boats and seafood shack. It wasn't till today when I actually had time to 'read' my current issue of Plein Air Magazine, that I realized: this is the same Richard Oversmith who's featured in an article.

Mid-day I watched some others paint. These were scheduled demos by Dawn Whitelaw and Lori Putnam, Apalachicola Bay from Eastpoint.


BaysideLife said...

One of my favorite trees (though it's listed on the Invasive Species list)
Your painting captures the delicacy of the bloom against serenity of the water. Beautiful.

hmuxo said...

Oh Jill, you certainly captured this beautiful scenery...Well done!!!!

Mayra Mancebo said...

Jill I like how you caught this scene, you gave your style but with the beauty of nature

Theresa Grillo Laird said...

Eight days of painting and watching others paint. I'm so envious!

Jill Berry said...

It is the delicate texture and color that attracts me. (Though some consider them "weeds".)

Thanks for the "capturing" & "style" comments.
Ya'll know just what to say to make my paint-life a little sweeter!

Hang in there, Theresa! It must be difficult- playing Mother to your mom & dad. I hope you are getting some paint breaks.

John Smith said...

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is one of such art which is easily moveable i mean you may start your work any where easily.As we can look in these paintings.

Jill Berry said...

The portability does open up a world of painting sites, with some effort, which is part of the challenge and fun of outdoor painting.