Wednesday, May 23, 2012

En Route to Florida's Forgotten Coast Paint Out

Workboats on the Weekend, 11x14, Oil. 
As I painted this little fleet of bright complements, I did wonder about their purpose. A woman stepped up who had recently been out on one. She and her husband informed me:
The U.S. Air Force operates a small fleet of drone recovery vessels nicknamed the "Tyndall Navy". These ships recover pieces of wreckage from drones and aerial targets from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The largest of these vessels are three 120 foot ships operated by the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron, which is based at Tyndall AFB, Florida.

 A pleasure of plein air painting is venturing into the unexpected and learning from new places. With each piece, you are bound to learn something. With this one came the challenge of the fleeting evening. At first, the water reflected a full day of blue sky. Both took a faded respite, then fell into a dreamy state.
 Each painting- a study of life, within a little window. I pulled through this park en route to the Florida's Forgotten Coast Plein Air Paint-Out, just to explore with my camera. Jumped back on the road there between Panama City and Port St Joe - - - just for a minute then returned to paint. Another interesting thing I learned: Joe Taylor, who hosts the paint-out, said he named this Park- Bonita Bay, after his girl friend! He also worked on the boats.


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Theresa Grillo Laird said...

Beautiful work and great production on that trip!

Mayra Mancebo said...

Interesting to learn new things, and very interesting to see the result of your work out.
I never painted on the outside but really I would love to try, I usually do sketches out, then at home with the help of pictures I used to do my paintings. A hug and have a nice weekend!

Arianna said...

Molto bello ...sia il quadro che il paesaggio.
Sempre raffinata la tua opera.

Jill Berry said...

London Bike Shop- Thank You for your special blessings. Much appreciation! And, Blessings on your work as well. I enjoy knowing I have friends and readers from all over the world!

Thanks Theresa. Hope you are getting to paint a bit.

Mayra- Thanks for your interest and kind comment. There is nothing like splashing paint around outside, I hope you try it soon. Lots of folks use their small plein air "studies" to do more in depth work inside. May the sun shine on your Art-work this week!

Arianna- Thanks! I try to summarize and distill the part of the scene that I find interesting.