Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Down by the River, SW Paint-Out

No Wake Zone, 11x14, Oil.  
I chose this site when I noticed the repeated arch of the tree mass.
 A floating dock always adds excitement to your work day, especially when the impromptu wind gust has you holding down your gear before it all goes overboard! On this 3rd morning of the SE Plein Air Festival, it was "Down by the River" and I was in my element. Sunshine! And Water! : Favorable conditions for this budding artist. The Gadsden Art Museum advertises my floral themes. But, you and I know, there is water in about 98% of my paintings.
 When I ventured out there for a varied perspective, I didn't notice the "No Wake Zone" buoys. When my work was done, bridge constructed, and time for a title --- I noticed them now! This one was fun to paint.


Art by Diane K. Hewitt said...

Jill, i enjoyed reading your blog entries! You are quite inspiring. I've only attempted Plein Air twice now, but I'm hooked! You're right, it is difficult, as opposed to painting in the studio. I hope to meet you at a paintout soon!
Best regards,
Diane Hewitt

pkzimmer said...

Hi Jill, came across your lovely paintings while searching for inspiration. I really admire your energy; getting materials together and heading out to paint in the open. I've done it only a few times, so I know it is a challenge ... and exhilarating. I really like your work ... nice compositions, excellent palette, and scenes we see every day and with which we can identify. Brava!
Fort Lauderdale, FL