Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Southeastern Plein Air Invitational, Day 1.

Somewhere in Time, 11x14, Oil. On day one of the Southeastern Plein Air Invitational, we were to  focus on one of 3 little historic downtown/main-street areas. I headed to Attalla, assured that I couldn't miss the old burger drive-in with the ice-cream shaped sign. After missing it going, coming, and going again, I was relieved to find out, days later, that the sign is no longer there. The cobalt blue tile of this antique store on the edge of town caught my eye. It was a unique challenge, with the lettering and the morning light shining into the store window. The little bird perched in the shade of the overhang, observed me and invited observation. I added him and was surprised people even noticed him in the painting. He does add a touch of whimsy. 

 On my second time around, I landed at this wedding chapel at Ferguson's Florist.

We were given "Artist at Work" signs to post, so the public could spot us and interact with the Festival. I had a lot of visitors especially during the morning when I was directly across from the post office.

After our outdoor excursion is over, the work is brought in for immediate display on shelves at the Gadsden Museum of Art. It is very exciting to see the place fill up with the fresh paintings of 15 various artists, in the scope of only 5 days time.


Marie Theron said...

I can see that you truly enjoyed the outing, Jill! You chose such vibrant and happy scenes to paint. The museum displays are very effective!

Dianne said...

Those are all lovely. You've got some great photos to work from too! Hey, where can I get one of those "Artist at Work signs! Guess I could make one of my own, great idea! Luscious pictures!

Kasturi said...

Wow! Such cheerful and lively scenes!!! Looks like great fun!

Mayra Mancebo said...

I never get used to paint everyday scenes out, but I imagine it should be interesting ... congratulations your paintings are beautiful

hmuxo said...

You do such beautiful plein air paintings..and displaying it right away makes it even better!!

Jill Berry said...

Thank You All for your comments. The feedback is wonderful, to know there are new readers.
I did enjoy painting new places and meeting new people. And yes, I enjoy the camera stuff too. Storing memories.

Dianne- I suppose you could contact the Gadsden Museum of Art and see if they made extras. Or to make one - use 2 large plastic laminate pages around the sign. They punched 2 small holes for the suction cups with hooks for hanging. I agree- good idea.

Mayra- Your still life work is incredible. Outside just adds another element. It's difficult, but rewarding.

hmuxo- yes, the speed factor, framing and showing, not one but two a day, is very challenging. To even attempt batting 10 for 10 is scary.