Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SE Plein Air Festival, the Second Morning.

Morning Reflections, 12x16, Oil. Available: Gadsden Museum of Art, Wet Paint Exhibit. Plein Air Festival 2012.

On the second day of the Festival it was "Out to the Countryside". When we arrived at the Methodist Camp, Sumatanga, I followed the songs of nature down in the valley and found this stream. Spring greens saturated everything. When I saw the spot of blue sky reflecting in the brook, I'd found my subject.

The Canadian Geese kept us entertained.


Marie Theron said...

On and on she works! Your output is amazing, Jill!

Joe Byrd said...

I really enjoy these, Jill

Leon Bunnewell said...

Really like your painting style.
Very free and loose. Lovely thick brushstrokes.

Arianna said...

Che posti meravigliosi ed i tuoi lavori eccellenti!

hmuxo said...

Excellent painting!! Your plein air paintings are really wonderful!!

Jill Berry said...

You all are always encouraging my heart, that is why i like sharing my places, my work.

Thanks Joe, for saying that. With FaceBook ruling the social media arena, sometimes I question my blogging time and efforts.

Leon: I so enjoy a comment like yours on style & brushstroke. I notice your paint application is nice and heavy as well.