Monday, April 2, 2012

Mass Wisteria

Mass Wisteria, 9x12, Oil. 
Wisteria petals rained down on my palette, assuring I got their colors right. 

Every Spring, I become enamored with wisteria and enjoy spotting it growing wild along the roadside. This location is Navy Point Park. I have had this "start" since last year, and just took it off the studio shelf to see if I could make it into a coherent statement. I'm not sure where that structure in the distance came from. It needed an extra dimension, a window of opportunity, so I left it there. 

Here's a little "sights and sounds" clip. I enjoyed the tweety-birds on this perfectly gorgeous day, also snapping dolphins swimming in the bay.


Valérie Pirlot said...

Hi Jill. This looks like such a lovely day for a painting session and you produced a great painting. Just by seeing the thumbnail it made me think of Monet straight away. Thanks for all the pics and the video. All the best. Valérie

Spencer Meagher said...

Beautiful! I saw some wisteria this spring for the first time. It was as high as 20 feet up the trees and went for 100 feet or more along the fence row. It was absolutely beautiful.

Spencer Meagher said...

Beautiful! I saw Wysterria for the first time this year. It was 20 feet tall and went hundred feet along The fence row.