Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Survived the Falls

I Survived the Falls, 12x16, Oil. SOLD at Southeastern Plein Air Festival. 
Noccalula Falls, Gadsden, Alabama. Day 4 of the Invitational. 
Elaine is the happy collector. 

Starting out with fresh possibilities!
 Forcing myself to stay with the darks, build the structure before allowing the fun to flow~
 It started out chilly and I neglected my tube of sun-block. So- this is where I became a red-neck with mostly right-sided issues. Seriously, my poor little right hand got baked. I hung in there though, till she was el complete on sight.


Ramesh Jhawar said...

Such a lovely subject and so beautifully painted by you Jill :) I love how you added some yellow into the greens...made it more attractive!
And congrats on the sale! I'm sure it made up for those
Take care

Sarah S said...

wow! nice job with a tough subject!

Nina Jørgensen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog :) And I really like this painting, the water looks so must be amazing to sell your work! Congratulations! And I also love your painting you did earlier with the blooming colours, so beautiful!

hmuxo said...

Congratulations, Jill...I can see why this painting was sold..its a beautiful piece!!!