Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Voyager

The Voyager, 9x12, Oil. 
As I painted the Port of Pensacola, an army of pelicans stood guard. They ruled the air-space and occasionally exerted dominance over the fish of the sea.

This winter has provided practice for gray-day painting. In a moisture-filled atmosphere, with light bouncing around from all the water particles, skies are a lighter value than on a blue sky day. Trying to retain that feeling, I started with a pale warm wash on the sky. A fellow commented, "she must be remembering what a sunny sky looks like". Out in full force were also- "snowbirds", retired couples who travel south for winter. So not only did I get to enjoy a great seafood lunch here at Joe Patti's, but I got to chat with others who had come from far and near to do the same.


hmuxo said...

Wow!! What a wonderful day it turned out for you!! This painting is cropped it perfectly and those photos are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!!

Jill Berry said...

Nice to hear your comments. Thanks!