Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Shoreline

The Shoreline, 9x12, Oil. 

 Painting a boat, at this location, was inevitable. It was more a matter of which one. From my chosen perspective, I liked the diagonal shoreline.
 After the rest of the group had gone, I had the pleasure of meeting an inquisitive kindergartener. "Are you an Artist"? This time I came right out and said, "Yes!" "Yes I am." She volunteered that she comes there to "catch" shells; and has seen treasure in the water. As I was still deciding how to answer her: "Do you look for treasures?". She further inquired, "Why not?". She wanted to help as I packed up, so I gave her the job and a monetary reward. Just a reminder to keep my eyes open for treasure was worth that! She hopped on her bike and headed for home with the idea to get some new paints at the Dollar Store. She shared as she carried my easel to the car: "I got paints for Christmas, but I already 'wasted' them." With that thought she asked, naturally: "Do you take care of your paints". "Well, Yeah! I need my paints", I told her, "so I can go places and paint."


hmuxo said...

Beautiful painting! I love those greens...and that little girl is precious!!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Painting to you!