Monday, January 23, 2012

Creative Thinking

Happy Loner, 12x16, Oil, Sold.  
Some days the hardest part is simply choosing what to paint. Then how to make an impression without coming out and talking about every leaf you see. There was a lot going on in this backyard- a great variety of plant life, metal sculptures, glass yard ornaments. To make one statement took concise editing.
Vada (in the foreground above) is 86 years young and usually set up and well underway while I'm still "composing" through my camera lens. This was a while ago, on the warmest of summer days. Just Friday we had the opposite problem, as we looked out onto a very grey Pensacola Bay and failed to see anything to paint about. We landed back down at the Marina and painted boats. 

This second video was sent to me today, and has me appreciating the capabilities of a creative mind, the ability to make something where there was nothing, to find beauty, to imagine it, to arrange it, to amuse oneself in the process of problem solving. At age 9, my grandson Evan with a little keyboard know-how, is now a Songwriter! There are so many more songs and paintings to compose, provided we don't allow our minds to set confines but rather allow them to discover a stimulus for creating. 


Janelle Goodwin said...

Wow, Evan is an amazing songwriter! Incredible!

Jill Berry said...

Hey Janelle! Thanks. It's always great to hear from you!