Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beach, All to Myself

"Beach, All to Myself", SOLD, 16x20, Oil on Linen. 
There were in fact people at the beach this day. Seven of us painters enjoyed the open air and our choice of fresh-catch by the pool at Margaritaville. It was early November, my first time exploring Jimmy Buffet's new resort, and my new friend Dawn Kinney Martin was visiting for the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival. Her and I went for a second round (of painting that is). We took our little party down to the Pensacola Beach Pier (seen in the distance, below). That was our mid-day painting, #2 of 3 that day. Actually, this canvas returned home as only a boring basic-layout. Debating rather to add a surfer, I am confident now that the surface is lively enough. It maintained a drift-off-feeling, sitting by the shore, observing, and letting it take you away. 


Jane said...

What a fantastic location to paint in ! You captured the bright light on the beach so well and your rich colors are just wonderful!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Jane!
I do enjoy painting the coastal scenes here on the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe we should do a vacation-house-swop!

Shahzad said...

Awesome post! interior painting Seattle

Grace | labor posters said...

Whew! I really want to visit that place also. Nice painting of the beach. I hope there's more to come!