Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Location! and thoughts thereabouts

Location! [Sold] 12x12, Oil, alla-prima.

Post 'vacation' in a wintery-frozen landscape, I'm now back to my beloved warm sand and palm trees. Today I'm selecting from the archives. About 5 years ago, of my first few, "Location" was my first local landscape to sell from Eastern Shore Art Center, Fairhope. As I was just learning to play with the palette knife, I discovered a freedom that is not easily acquired with a brush. I like the variety of paint application: sometimes thick, occasional scratched-out palms, and the scumbled powdery sand. I remember my sister inquiring about the coral spots, my bright undertones. I think it adds electricity, a warm glow that I didn't want to cover up. So I didn't. Plus I added a little sample of the Gulf over the hill to get you moving.

Extra thoughts, notes scribbled at Carolyn Anderson's workshop, Weekend with the Masters 2011:
"If my work does not surprise me, how can I expect it to wow and dazzle anyone else." 
"We evaluate information by what we like." 
"Your brain determines what you see."
"Hopefully as artists, we can organize info in a more interesting, unpredictable way."
"dynamic tension --- created by shapes"
"assess transitions"
"learn to evaluate in visual ways."
"variations of the same language"
"reality and what you want it to be: two different things."
"the process creates the information --- painting is a process." 
"the principle of local color - your worst enemy." 
"negative and positive shapes combined"
"Put down what you think is interesting."
"Push light and shadow to say what's important to you."
"a painting that moves ~~~ on the cusp of a movement!"
"I have to go someplace I haven't been before; have to be open to doing something I haven't done before." (She doesn't try to visualize the finished painting and sees that as not risking, control.)


Jane said...

Yesterday my son came home from an art class and having studied the 'Impressionist' he said 'real painters paint outside, summer or winter'! So this makes you a real painter ( and not me, I only paint outside in the summer time)! And you do make stunning can 'feel' them! xx

Shahzad said...

Great post1 Thanks! House painting Seattle

Kathy Cousart said...

Wonderful post- thanks for sharing. Fan of yours and Carolyns. This was like Christmas:)

Theresa Grillo Laird said...

Thanks for sharing Jill! I love "Location"!

Jill Berry said...

Jane, Thanks so much for sharing this. Very Encouraging! To think- mere paint can even evoke a feeling of a place, by depicting the layout of land. Well, that's a lofty goal.

Concerning the cold, I'm not that tough. We skip the freezing days, which are few and far between, because it's usually nice and sunny here in Florida.
Pretty cool comment, Kathy!
Special-Special !!
Grateful friends are the Best.
Here's to wishing - a merry one to you&yours!
Seems that sharing enriches me, fills a gap.
Thanks, Theresa! See ya "out there" soon.