Friday, November 4, 2011

"Welcome" to Bagdad, in Florida

 "Welcome", 14x18, Oil, Sold
This one sold yesterday, along with two others from my solo-show "Places without Time". As I was busy in the gallery tagging my 39 paintings, I noticed visitors pointing out a bridge in one of my paintings. One man in particular seemed interested to know where they were all painted from. He came back the next day and bought three, including "Grand Hotel, Mobile Bay" and "The Old Parking Place" with bridge view.

This one was done entirely on location in August, when it was almost too hot, even for me to paint out. I packed up just before a huge thunder and hail storm assaulted me & my convertible.

Historic Bagdad (cir. 1842) and The Dragonfly Gallery, in Milton, hosted a Plein Air Paint-Out a couple weeks ago. I sat up directly across the street from the church, and tried again to capture the quaint street scene. I do like the flag.
All of us were proud of Jane (far left) especially after she told us that her painting that won an award was her first to ever be framed and publicly displayed.
A gentleman who had never painted with us emerged from the cemetery with this Best of Show. Which reminds me, I started a 16x20 there a few years ago and never finished.


Carol Blackburn said...

How awesome, Jill.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Congratulations on all your painting sales, Jill! Yes, it is awesome!

Marie Theron said...

There is a lot of life in your works. Well done on the sales! I feel you are the Impressionist among my blogger friends!

Shahzad said...

Amazing! Thanks for this nice post. Thanks a lot. House painting

Arianna said...

Interessante! Brava!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for sharing my little victories in life as a painter.

And a warm WELCOME to my new friends, commenters, readers.

Marie - I loved hearing that opinion. "Life" & my "Impressions" of life. What more could a painter offer?
(ps I did vote for your great blog).