Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Walk in the Park

In the collection of Plein Air Magazine- A Walk in the Park, 12x16, Oil on Linen.  

A fairly good start, which put me on the path to a pretty good finish.

They don't all happen this easily, when you walk away satisfied that your canvas made a complete statement. There was a chilly wind along the coast at Big Lagoon State Park so we hiked to the interior of the park and chose this sandy path for our composition. Working "in the zone" still sharing stories,  laughs, music, painting tips, love of nature, color, photography, the visual world. As our workday ended we  exited the park with our large hand-painted "postcard" of the day. Of course I arrived home with extra scenes, to share....

 I for one, am in favor of the neighborhood alligator's rights to swim here. But maybe I should put one of these up by my pool in case he wanders over.

"Kicking up their heels" near the campsite. 

Deer prints in the sand. I suspect, the same gang that snacked on my Hibiscus. 


Carol Blackburn said...

So lovely, Jill.....nice pictoral of your day's events too. It looks like it comes so easy to you!

Jane said...

Wonderful nature area, what a great place to paint. And paint you did...and so well, you really make it look easy!
This is probably a stupid question but how do you carry the wet painting home, is there some special bag where they won't touch the painted side ?
Wish you a lovely sunday.

Jill Berry said...

Glad you two enjoyed the painting day out at the park, which is literally my back yard. No fence between me & the wildlife, including gators. Some things you don't have to see to know they're there.

Still fascinating to me, the plein air experience, packing up for the unknown, finding inspiration and completing the work in a short time frame.

I would very much like to take a cruise your way someday. Plein air painting just might be my ticket.

Thanks for the kind comment. Thanks also, for adding a link to my blog on yours! Nice surprise!

They make panel-carriers, a light weight box that holds several wet panels. I'll get one when I travel-paint. I just lay mine on my palette box, carry it like a serving tray to the trunk of the car. Now that you mention it, I did have to touch up some pieces that got smashed together in my easel box (which has build in slots for panels) after returning from California.

Hope your Sunday is nice as well.
ps Milano cookies are the best!

Arianna said...

Che belle immagini ed il quadro è stupendo, beautiful!

Jill Berry said...

Grazie tanto, Arianna!

Ruth Andre said...

Jill, Love the photos and the painting. What a beautiful area you have to paint. I have run into snakes but thank goodness not gators here in CA. Nice work.

John Philip said...

Love the result. Having a group like that is so precious.