Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for Opportunity, Time, Paint

Mediterranean  Porch 
This one is going way far back in my artistic time machine. About 25 years ago... in South Miami, with my girl in 1st grade, I got brave and decided to put an ad in the paper to teach painting. The little detached room and bath by the pool, was the perfect studio. With a round table, tabletop easels, acrylic paint, canvas panels and brushes, I set up shop and the classes filled. This large painting was my little escape, something to work on in my free time. 
It has remained part of my own decor. Now with art show paintings rotating in and out of the house, I decided to let it participate. It's on holiday, and yes, it is for sale. This being a solo-show with no rules but my own, I had the freedom to mix it up- the old with the new, essentially showing the evolution of style. 

Just a couple years ago, I set the lofty goal of a "Solo Show". At the time it seemed like a distant, unrealistic, speak-it-out-dream and maybe it will happen. Today as I reflect on 2011 and 2 (!!) such events for me, yes, I am blessed and grateful for the privilege to occupy my days doing what I love.  


Carol Blackburn said...

Such awesome paintings, Jill. I could have sworn it was a photograph.

Jane said...

Hard to believe this is a painting, I had to enlarge the picture and look VERY talented are you!
I admire your spirit of enterprise even at a very young age.
All the best.

Susan Roux said...

Congratulations it all looks wonderful!

Teresa said...

Hi Jill,

Congrats on your solo show... and all those gorgeous paintings! I was so surprised to see "Mediterranean Porch"... not accustomed to seeing such a smooth almost photo realistic style from you! I find it very interesting - and encouraging - how your style has evolved over time. For a long time I focused on trying to paint a subject just like the reference... now I find I want to move away from that and paint more of what I feel about the subject and less of what I see. It's a challenge that I'm enjoying and making little bits of progress.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks to all for the Art-full encouragement!

I am happy to let my art happen, every chance I get, and to share it with you.

Teresa- Very well spoken- your attempt to be more artistic in your approach. It is a journey. Yes, the "feeling" is a lot harder to put down. Very rewarding when it happens though.