Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Bluegrass Vision" painting progression

Bluegrass Vision, 30x40, Oil.
A Kentucky girl, I watch the Derby each May. This year I decided to try and capture the grace, color, and thrill of the race. I photographed it from "live" TV, then chose this shot to composed my painting from.

I hope you enjoy this little visit to my studio, taped during the progression of my "Bluegrass Vision".  There is a building process, from laying in the background with large house-paint brush, through forming the structures, the horses, jockeys, silks. I try to let the painting emerge in unison. Yet, clearly keep my intended focus sharper than the rest.
Check out my other little visitor:
 Joel, do you know if someone was in my studio, while I went to the airport?
 ~umm... ?
I wonder how those extra marks got there??
 "I did it, with my fingers!"
And, they were such nice marks! I kept them as long as I could. Finally covered them a bit, before the painting went to show.


Jane said...

Beautiful painting Jill , so full of movement and wonderful colors. I enjoyed the video very much, always find it very interesting to see how other artists proceed.
You do have some very sweet visitors in your studio.....:-)

Marie Theron said...

I love the painting and must admit that I have never considered it for a topic, Jill! The "alterations and additions" by Joel was not so bad, and you were very nice about it!

Carol Blackburn said...

Very beautiful, Jill....hmmm, you have a little artist in residence, too. :)

Jill Berry said...

Thanks for your comments!

Jane- Thanks for pointing out what I hoped would be the strength of the composition, the Movement factor!
Also, so glad to know that you enjoyed seeing the painting happen.

Marie- Different for me too, challenging. I usually prefer the freeform of a tree over even architecture.

Carol- little visitors from Houston! Will get to see them soon in Ohio, & KY though.

veredit said...

this is a really fantastic painting, so lively and vibrant, with magnificent colors. Bravo!