Monday, November 7, 2011

As the Flag Waves

As the Flag Waves, 11x14, Oil. 
Available at my "Places without Time" show, Foley Art Center, AL, through December.

Previously I have painted boats from this pier. This time I sat up at the far end, and went for a view including the flag that waves consistently to all who travel Main Street by Joe Patti's. I got a couple extra paintings in while Craig Reynolds was here to Judge our Art Study Club Show. He was looking to paint "boats with character", so we landed here. A lunch of seafood was a forgone conclusion. Amidst picking up work from the plein air show that ended, and calling all the winners of the Fair show, I enjoyed painting till the sun went down and I could no longer distinguish what color I was mixing.


Arianna said...

You are good to paint in full air. You make really idea of that to see!

Prasetyo said...

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Thanks for share,
* Rio Prasetyo *

eva i Aten said...

What a lovely place and beautiful art-work! I also like to paint like a hobby, but it seems like the time is never enough somehow...
Best wishes from a Swede in Greece! Once upon a time I was going to go to Florida and work like an Au Pair actually, but in the end I ended up in L.A...never mind!

Jill Berry said...

Thank you !!!
I love hearing your comments,
and from three new faces,
new places.

Robin Roberts said...

you always make the place look better and livlier!