Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Specifically Pacific

Carmel, California!!! I gotta tell ya, it was so exhilarating for me to get to go someplace new, to be experiencing the terrain of the Pacific coast, that I could barely paint. Unlike my last post, where I returned to the same location, I was well aware that this day could never be repeated. Probably a one-time event that I tried to absorb enough to last a lifetime, should I never return.

I had taken in SO much during the previous days of American Artist Weekend with the Masters. After my first two color studies this last day, I just had to break loose and paint intuitively, with no regard to: Should that shadow be warmer or cooler? I finally got slap-happy with paint, and that one is my favorite.

Today I got this text: [baby Joel says, "I gotta go potty" and Runs to the bathroom --- but he forgot to pull his pants down! Sara says, "Really, he couldn't figure that one out"! Lol."]  I wasn't ~That~ bad, but I could relate. "Sometimes you get too Excited to Think!"

(To enjoy the slide show, click "Watch on YouTube" bottom right, then Full Size it.)
Music credits: Ramey Hughes- singer, songwriter. "His Love" on cd- This World is not my Home.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful video, Jill. Glad you had a wonderful time. Looking forward t seeing that favorite painting.

Janelle Goodwin said...

The slide show blew me away. How wonderful that you got to paint in beautiful Carmel, Jill. Yes, I'm also looking forward to seeing the paintings you produced!

Pam Holnback said...

Beautiful slide show! I know what you man about a new location being exhilarating!

Dianne said...

That was a beautiful slide show. I live here and I never get tired of it. In fact, the Wednesday before the Weekend, my friend June and I drove from Carmel north to Pescadero, where the fog was just coming into shore. We both paint and it's Painter's paradise. Since you live on the other coast and your experienced painting water, I so look forward to your paintings! I LOVED the music too! Who was that?

Jill Berry said...

Grateful for your enthusiastic comments!!!!
As long as I'm bloggin, I feel compelled to share my art world with you. The one I just posted takes you into a demonstration, which is mainly what I signed up for. But I am sure glad I signed up for this plein air day too, or I would have missed this coastal drive.

Diane, thanks for introducing yourself. I met so many "locals" while there. Enjoyed it.
That beautiful voice is Ramey Whalen. Her husband and musical partner is Brian.
Their site is:
I could paint to that all day~~~

MarcySilveira said...

Good job, as a participant, I've been trying to share with others, and nice to shortcut that process by finding others, such as yourself, that distilled into vids, thanks very much. What a profound week!