Thursday, August 11, 2011

When the Color d'jour Updates Radically

"Stormy Weather" 9x12 Oil. 

We all marveled that it was dry and under sunny skies when we got to Hazel's, because as soon as we finished breakfast at "A Wing and a Prayer" it began to rain, for the second week in a row! It was a good day to have a covered area to work under. I enjoyed seeing her great studio, and also using my new acquisition: this EASyL. Bittersweet though, I'd been wanting a tripod style easel, but sad to realize her doubts of being able to get out and use it again. Sort of felt like it was my first day on the job as the others helped me set it up. Then the difficult work began- choosing a light key, as we observed the transitions.

As we wrestled with our color notes, the sky grew darker than the water, which then became a hushed green. Meanwhile this dog never stopped enjoying his day out on that little island, glad no one called a "rain day" on his swim party.

And then the other night... As I set out to do an evening sky study, I was just observing the pinks over to the west, when--- in the next glance- THIS:::: showed up!
[Sudden Weather Update] sans weather man, giving a 2 minute warning, or else''':''::"";""::":":'';'';;':'';


Tim Robinson said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while, but it seems as though you have been very productive. I really love the photos and paintings in the "artful fellowship" post. Great job and I look forward to seeing more.

Kathy Cousart said...

Your Stormy Weather painting is gorgeous. The colors just sing in the rain:) I also use an EasyL and love it! Really like that I can tuck 2 wet paintings in the back to transport after a day of plein air.

Dana Cooper said...

Wow Jill, I'm impressed when you get out there to paint on sunny days and even more when you get out in inclement weather! Your painting and the description of it all with the photos are fabulous.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Tim!- Kathy!- & Dana!
I do love talking with my paintbrush, as well as my camera. A blog has proved to be an Irresistible story-telling platform! So glad you all stopped by.
Time to go load up that palette for tomorrow's adventure!