Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Summer Affair with Color

Poolside Variety, 24x30, Oil. Showing at Pensacola Museum of Art. 

It really began at the garden center, the first time they caught my eye, then the back porch, in and out of the studio. Then Friday night was very special- the debut at the Museum of Art!

I have enjoyed them dancing in the breeze, in the morning light, under the cool of evening. If pure color can inspire, they have done it for me.

I'm always grabbing the camera. So if you have 8 minutes to spare and want to watch the progression--- notice, the variety of color mixtures. First the orangey-scarlet...blue-purples...lavender-violets...and rosey-fushia tones, as I work in the petunia pots counter clockwise.


Jesse said...

Hi there,

congratulations on your paintings and I also think this one is especially stunning to my eyes....

Stay in touch,


Kathy Cousart said...

Wow- beautiful and enjoyed seeing the video. Gorgeous colors and loved seeing your set up and workspace. Congrats:)

Carol Blackburn said...

Jill, this is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jill Berry said...

Jesse, for the intro & comment.
ps how do you keep up so many blogs?

Kathy, It's always my pleasure to share. Hope the additional info was helpful. Carolina is a sweet easel, if ya ask me. She don't give me no trouble. And the monitor hook-up is a great addition. Ya can't paint outside all the time.

Carol, I appreciate your encouragement.