Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wisteria Lane

"Wisteria Lane", 11x14, Oil. SOLD.
In early Spring, when Wisteria goes wild, I always find it a fascinating subject. It is delicate, but it's not shy; it climbs, and drapes, and drips off anything it finds. I mentioned to Kay, I was on a hunt for a good place to paint some. Next news ya know- she spotted these spectacular, fully-loaded bushes, rang the bell, met a nice Dr. and his wife, and my wish was granted!
My daughter came up with this title. If in fact, I watched that show she is referencing, only once and I made her swear not to tell. Yeah, she is also the one who suggested I do up a bumper-sticker- "Plein Air Painters do it outside".
Seriously though, here she is at the "India Adoption Benefit Concert and Auction" with our friends and art-collectors who both also are mothering children who are not theirs by birth. Their church in Houston is so very generous, even her kid's paintings were going for $300.!

Gabe titled his "Martin the Tree". I like that he wanted to put two kinds of fruit on his tree- so  multicultural.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful, Jill. Look at all those smiling faces, too.

Kathy Cousart said...

Love Wisteria Lane- gorgeous depth and those value, they are beautiful. Wonderful composition and just love the whole piece...I want to walk down that lane!

Ramesh Jhawar said...

The painting is beautiful, Jill! Love the colors!

BaysideLife said...

Oh, I do love that painting. Gorgeous.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Plein Air painters do it outside: **BRILLIANT!! You better start taking notes when that girl talks! (: Lovely new work, Jill! Keep 'em coming.

Nancy Medina said...

Wow, I love what you do with purple Jill! really nice color...

Jill Berry said...

I so appreciate your comments!
Since this one went straight to a happy home, I didn't get to show it around much. (and I did kind of like it) Well off-&-on, sometimes it looked like a huge purple haystack. But yes, that day I took a full selection of purples, since I knew what I was painting.

Kathy- I hear California is beautiful in September!!!

Ramesh- Thanks for stopping by.
I'm so excited to meet my new grand-daughter from India!

Diane- Thanks! My daughter and I got a chuckle from your comment. I used to jot down funny things the kids said, now she does the same with hers. I have also noticed her husband quoting her recently on FB.

ALL- your comments brighten my day*

Dianne said...

What happy times! Your blog is new to me, so I signed up. I love the way you show a photo of what you are painting and the resulting work. You give scenes I would have found lovely as they are a whole new feeling of life and being lively. Thanks, I'll keep looking in, it's inspiring.