Monday, June 27, 2011

When Brushstrokes Fall Into Place

Mimosa on Scenic Hwy, 14x18, Oil. Showing at Pensacola Museum of Art. 

By no stretch is this a masterpiece, even by personal standards. Yet there are some contented things about it. #1- It fell into place entirely on site; I didn't have to fix or adjust it afterwards. #2- I needed a second work, not previously shown locally, to enter in the Pensacola Museum of Art Juried Show. A risky chance, I threw this one into the ring, and it was accepted!! It debuts at Friday night's Opening Reception! Stop by if you're in the area. #3- I like how the light patches form a rhythmic quality.

I mentioned to Rob, a fellow painter, that I wished I knew someone who live along Scenic Highway, so we could paint there. Turns out- he lives right across the street and invited us over. At first it was the mimosa tree by the road that caught my eye. Then I spied this distant land/building/water combo. After I saw it from the perspective I finally chose, all I had to do was make that Mimosa at the top of the hill bloom, combining the best of both worlds, a merging of thoughts. So, that also, I like- It's improvised. It speaks beyond what was visible.  It was sort of pieced together, with the patches falling into place.


Pam Holnback said...

I think what you did is called "artistic license". You do what you gotta do! Have a great show!

Carol Blackburn said...

It's a wonderful piece, Jill. When we paint in that fashion it is real creativity unlike just copying something. The nips and tucks make it your own.

Oil Painting Workshop said...

Great work of art! I like the colors you used! Great work! Thanks for sharing this!

Tim Robinson said...

Very,very solid work. I really love the amount of paint you used in the previous post.

Jill Berry said...

Thank You!
> Pam
> Carol
& Tim

Workshops --- I'm "dreamin on" about someday painting in Italy or France....

Tim --- that's some really great portrait and film work you have going on in Cali-forn-I-a! Thx 4 commento.