Monday, June 13, 2011

"Wet Paint Auction"

Wall of Roses, 16x20, Oil. SOLD. 

On the last day of the S.E. Plein Air Invitational, we painted in the historic homes area of Gadsden. After painting two at this location, then framing them for the Museum show, it was time for the grand finaly, the "Wet Paint Auction". Here is half of the gang, there were 15 artist invited. I was thrilled that this painting- "Wall of Roses", was purchased by the Museum Exhibit Director.


Carol Blackburn said...

Looks like lots of fun. Such happy faces. I'm always amazed at how artists pick out that special area to paint that says something to them. You picked the roses and stone wall. I would have picked that light colored stucco-looking house with the wrought iron railings and added a hanging plant or planter box on the railing. I don't do lots of flowers very well but like doorways and alcoves. :)

Susan Roux said...

Wall of roses is beautiful. I love how you chose to treat the background, forcing the eye on your lovely colorful subject. Congrats, it looks like a wonderful time.

Kathy Cousart said...

Beautiful painting- love the composition. Colors are fabulous- can see why it was snatched right up:)

Teresa said...

Beautiful painting!! As always, you took an ordinary subject and made something beautiful out of it.

Gina Brown said...

It's even more beautiful in person :) So nice to meet you Jill... I hope to spend more time (painting and visiting) with you in the future :)

Jill Berry said...

Thank you all, Kind Ladies!
Carol- I like architecture (to look at), but I kinda went to the Homes area looking for gardens. That is a cool house though, nice couple that live there. I hope they ended up with my next painting from there.
ps I really wanted to go paint this great waterfall in town, but decided to stick with the Historic district.

Thanks for noticing and mentioning that aspect.
Ya gotta try to stay focused on a certain aspect and see it painted.

Kathy, It did have color going for it. "how to cover a 16x20 in limited time--- use a knife and straight-up ~COLOR~.

Teresa- THX. Don't know how beautiful your yard must be, but compared to the sand pits around here- This was Xtra-ordinary. Although I did just finish a Large canvas of my pots of Petunias.

Gina, Thanks for commenting! I hope you get to come to our area! I sure enjoyed yours. Can you believe I am still bloggin about it?