Friday, June 17, 2011

"Quick Draw"

Roses and Pansies, 11x14, Oil. Sold.

The city of Gadsden kept us moving, busy making art; also, well fed. Between this painting and the one in my last Journal entry, lunch was graciously provided, southern style out on the porch, only a few doors away. We met great neighbors, shared a welcomed shade break, talk about the tornado, and chatter about the Pres. flying in to check out the damage. Then it was "Quick Draw", a timed competition. Before the horn blew that signaled "go", I decided the simplest thing to do was stay at that location, so I flipped my easel and went for a more intimate view.

The pleasure of being a painter, the fellowship of artists, experiencing new scenes, art receptions, awards and Sold tags- these are the glories! So I won't mention the struggles, how I kept moving to try and stay in the shade of this historic marker, and how the front leg of my easel collapsed, and how I had to set back up and repair a scraped painting before the "race" was over, and how tired my palette was after our final night out.


Kathy Cousart said...

Beautiful painting and i just wish I had been there to watch and drool! Wonderful experience for you. And, all the struggles make the paintings just feel more emotional? Does that make sense? Yay for you!

Craig Reynolds said...

Jill, we enjoyed you so much at the Southeastern Plein Air invitational this year. Your "Quick Draw" painting was fantastic as was all your work.

Carol Blackburn said...

Exhaustion.........ah yes, but isn't it a good feeling when it's from something you love doing!

Jill Berry said...

Hey Kathy! Yeah workin the crowd, puttin on a little show now&then... all part of the glamor! It did feel rather dramatic that day though-- my 1st crash, and during the contest. That does seem to be when stuff happens- when we are rushing>>>>

Craig- Thanks for wandering over with your Kind comment. It was very refreshing to paint new scenes with new folks, and to meet you- the master-painter of Rainbow City! ps. hope you caught a cooler-full of great Gulf Coast seafood.

Carol- So true! When the "Happy Light" comes on... It outshines those little agonies of defeat.