Sunday, June 19, 2011

Add umbrella = disaster

Country Club at Closing Time, 11x14, Oil, SOLD.  

In an *ideal* situation, as you start your second painting of the day, you are in the shade, or at least your canvas is not in specked light. So it seemed like the perfect time to try out the "umbrella plan"- simply screw the umbrella into the pre-bolted fitting and life's a breeze~~~! And then it happened! That first gust~ took my so-ready-to-paint palette and flipped it face-down... At The Country Club! 

 It couldn't have been on a country road or grassy meadow. No, I left my colorful imprint down by the putting greens. I poured turp and sand on it, but we'll see just how light-fast pigments can be. If you're ever golfing down around there, let me know if you spy it.


Carol Blackburn said...

It looks like you "picked right up" (bad pun, I know) and kept going......What a trooper! I want to know, did you sign it? :)

Janelle Goodwin said...

The "design" you left is simply lovely. I like how the colors follow the color wheel:)

Jill Berry said...

Carol- All the signing I did was shown right there in the golf cart, as I'm scratching it into the paint with the knife. If you mean sign the mishap-art... No, and I barely didn't confess it on here either!

Thanks Janelle, It's good to see you, hear from you again! Design is as design does, I guess. It was effortless! At least till I had to retrieve the paint & aviod it's new sandy texture!