Thursday, March 3, 2011

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor, 11x14, Oil. SOLD.
We usually paint in the morning, though this winter we switched up to take advantage of the solar heat. Rather than sharing over breakfast, we do lunch. After some of the yummiest grouper on the beach at Peg Leg Pete's, we headed out to Fort Pickens. (Notice how the afternoon shadow grew from my arrival to departure.)
With the Navy Base across the waterway and the Fort at my back, I felt pretty safe. I mean, we don't like to use our big Guns, but well, if we have to we will. You know - pirates!
Oh! Speaking of  >>>Incoming>>> !!! The ~Press~ is reporting:
Local scenery painted
"Consider Jill Berry the incoming painter-laureate of local scenes, a post usually assigned to Nina Fritz. Berry is a plein-air artist and, like Fritz, her work has the strength to capture our coastal sensibility. Her 22-piece solo show is at Art Praha Galerie, 124 Palafox Place, through March 14. Exhibited salon style, her lap-sized paintings document the waterfront scenes of homes and boats. She sticks with impressionistic strokes that are most suitable for revealing the reflecting light unique to bays and bayous."  Eye on Art, Mike Roberts, Pensacola News Journal.


Carol Blackburn said...

How awesome is that, deserve it so much!

Makavetis said...

Great blog! I found you through Leovi.. Please come check out my blog as well I started a new one about Art!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Jill!... From snowy Canada! You turn a very ordinary landscape into an exciting blend of bravura and texture!

Nothing like pianting...."out there"! One's total array of senses are whetted and activated... and it shows in your work!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Carol, you're a great cheerleader!

Makavetis- Your's as well, very inspiring- learning about other artists.
Thanks for commenting.
I don't think I've met Leovi.

Good afternoon from ~sunny* FL~ . (I am glad you are a winter-kind-of-guy otherwise you wouldn't have the gusto to get "out there" and bring back all those lovely landscapes.
I sure appreciate you commenting on my work. The first brave thing we do, I guess, is simply to TRY.