Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Catch

"The Nets" 11x14, Oil. It was mid-Febuary when I spotted Miss Ann and Capt. James nuzzling behind Joe Patti's Seafood. There were also a lot of pelicans nestled on the docks, basking in the sun.


Karla said...

Very nice painting. Love the color choices.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my, those pelicans are fantastic to look at. I hope they are friendly to be around. Love your painting, too.

Mad Sci said...

The pictures and your painting take me back to Pensacola and Joe Patti's.
Funny story - One day we had had cabin fever from a couple of days of constant 40 mph winds from TS Danny so we went out to Perdidio Key to walk. The sand stung, but we made it. There was a Pelican on the beach with one wing sticking and huddled on the sand. I decided he was hurt and needed to be in the water. I picked him up and took him to the water. He did not peck me, but set in the water for a minute then waddled out of the water and settled back on the beach and his bent wing out as a counterbalance to the wind. He looked at me like - are you crazy!!!

Teresa said...

I'd like to live in your paintings...they're always better than the reality!

Great photos too!

Marie Theron said...

What a lovely selection of photos an a super painting, Jill! My type of theme, but you have a truly splendid way of seeing everything. I learnt a lot just now studying those subtle exaggerations of color makes the painting so much more dynamic than the photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow, just love the one with the birds on the dock.

Kathy Cousart said...

Fresh Catch is fabulous. You have such good balance in your compositions. I always look to learn what you pick to put in the painting and what you edit out. So wonderful o you to share with us. Thanks!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks All !!
Glad the photos are also enjoyed.
They're visual-aids to help share the day, as well as the artistic process of choosing the elements while on location. (thanks for coming along).

Carol- they were nice enough to me, course I didn't have a boatload of fish.

Thanks for sharing your Funny story.
And I'm glad to know there is a Mad Scientist in the area, if ever I should need one.

Terrific thought Teresa!

Thanks Marie, I guess we can make it say whatever we want to ... with a little ~imagination~

Rejane-Enajer said...

Belos trabalhos!!