Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Pause it~

"Train Trestle ~ Milton, FL"  8x10, Oil
No sooner than I sat up, the morning train came through. [pause, quick!- grab that image!]
Right on time, my value-map is all laid in, by 9:01.
Precisely 45 minuets later, it's time to pack her up and take her home.
I don't really paint under time constraints, I work in a no-time-zone. But sometimes don't you just want to push "pause" on it all, on a moment? And, in a way, that's what art does.
Once, after spending the night crossing the ocean, we stopped at the first place to get gas - Ireland. Do you know how bad I wanted to get off that smoke-filled plane to at least go pick out a postcard! There it was - Europe! The light of a European morning, but through a tired, little confining window.
Need a break? A music-break? A water-break? Let Jack take you there, this song knows all about it...


Marie Theron said...

Jill, you are the best plein air painter, always out there! What I really admire is that you know exactly how to loose clutter and put down the essentials!

Natasha said...

I love what you created...I look at it and all I think is..dream...and it makes me happy! Jack rocks too!

Kathy Cousart said...

I bet you get tired of hearing this one is my favorite...but I think it is! So much to look at- could loose my self in this one and that is the point of art, right? Love the composition, subject matter, lamp post/trees are all gorgeous! Love seeing your process and how you edit out and keep it fresh! Amazing!

Mary Jane said...

Perfect, Jill!

Diane Leonard said...

Jill -- great painting and great use of color -- my french easel (two of them) are broken -- what do you use -- I want to be painting outside and from life more and more --

thank you for your inspiration to me.


Jill Berry said...

I do love being "Out There" & "Creating"... "Dreaming" too!
Thank you all so much for commenting on my work. You know, we artists will never tire of pats-on-the-back.
(You look happy Natasha! Hope the writing blog is going well)

~sweet~ Mary Jane, good to hear from you again!

"Easel" & most of my supplies come from Jerry's Artarama. "Empowering Artists" as the cover of their catalogue says. There's nothin like a shipment of new colors to inspire, except for ART-friends. Thanks again.