Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life and Times of a work

"Made in the Shade", 14x18, Oil
From selecting the scene, to selecting the frame, each work is a process. It matures, becomes part of a room...

Then one day it just moves uptown, knowing that it can return, if ever~


Kathy Cousart said...

Jill, This one is so beautiful! Love the dappled light. Looks like several types of trees and the colors are wonderful! Greens are hard and you do them so well:) The moment for me is the swing, just waiting!

Janelle Goodwin said...

I'm so jealous of you Florida painters! My husband and I went to Naples last week and experienced the warmth and lush scenery for a short amount of time. Now it's back to the cold. But I can live vicariously through your beautiful paintings of the scenery in Florida. Lucky you, Jill!

nancy elstad said...

I love how you 'de-clutter', I would be trying to get it all in!
Beautiful painting.

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautifully done, Jill. I love to visit your blog and really like how you show us where and how you paint.

Ricardo said...

Hi, I love your work, I love the colors and light that you give very good job congratulations, greetings.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jill!... A lovely lyrical feel to the painting... and the writing in the post!Easy looking ... and reading.Felt like I might go for the swing! HAHA!!

Made "Me" feel like I was on location with "You"!A nice and unexpected extra!

The work looked comfortable and "spiffy"... in both your home... and the "Uptown" location. I somehow doubt that it shall return home!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Marie Theron said...

I love this record of the life of a painting. Maybe you will never see it again, but this record will be there. The painting is so full of atmosphere it will be loved by all!

Jill Berry said...

Hey Kathy! Thanks for commenting on the dapples. And I am in agreement- swings are among my favoritist things. I spent a lot of time on my swing by the waterside today, boat-watching.

Thank You Janelle, it's great to think our work takes on a life of it's own, and becomes a relatable shared experience.
If you ever want to paint here, you know your welcome.

Nancy- that day, there was so much I had to Not-focus-on. This one was born in May and the yard was full of blue-hydranga, lilies... Lots of color for me to do such a mono-tone painting. But I do like it - simple.

Thanks for coming along on the visit, Carol.
Sharing is 1/2 of the fun.

Ricardo- Welcome, and thanks for your kind comment.

Bruce- Lyrical~ easy/comfortable~ & spiffy too!!! That was relaxing just to read about.
Goin for a swing puts me in a HAHA-mood sometimes too.
Hope the gallery-biz is going well.

Sweetly spoken Marie!
Thanks for positively-charging my atmosphere with your wisdom. Made me think about sharing. It's one of the 1st principles we try to teach our little ones. And as artist's we're still learning, asking- "what do I have... to offer...and how can I share it?

Mark Landes said...

Looking at your wall-I like this one the best (trees). I think black/gold frame would look good also with this one.