Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lapis in Gold Setting

Lapis in Gold Setting, 16x20, Oil. SOLD.
Often all that's needed is a little 'wrapping it up'. Sometimes the paintings that have to be the most patient are the ones that I like best. When I see potential, I get scared of ruining it. I try to figure out what I want it to be about before I simply paint to the finish. I knew I wanted to retain the freshness of the tree-line and the boats. I did decided to brighten the water and work in the mid-ground grass, then I called it a wrap.

Sort of like prepping meals before company comes- most of the work was done in advance. Then it felt nice to complete and sign three paintings in one day. This month I have a great motivation- a solo show! My first, and I am very excited for the opportunity and for the honor of representation by Art Praha European Galerie, downtown Pensacola. My "Journal of Light and Color" will open on Gallery Night January 28th!


Kathy Cousart said...

This is beautiful. Love what you said about deciding what you want it to be about and being patient. You obviously had a wonderful plan for this one and it is fresh. The water is gorgeous. The boats are just right- really like the soft colored grasses leading us into the painting. I struggle with that and admire yours.
Congratulations on being in a solo show! That is awesome.

dacoop said...

Beautiful piece Jill, your patience really paid off. Congratulations on your solo show...woot, woot!!

Teresa said...

What a lovely, enticing painting! Great job, Jill!

Congrats on the upcoming solo show. Will look forward to seeing the pics of your lovely work handsomely displayed.

Jill Berry said...

...congratulating girlfriends!
I'm just here workin in the studio, and I can't tell ya how a little ~awesome~ woot, woot(!) perks up my brush and makes me want to do something enticing!
Hope your worlds are sparkly.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hi Jill,

You are extremely talented. Such a beautiful painting with so bright colors. Well done!

Karen said...

Congrats on the solo! Super exciting.
Aside from the general beauty of this piece, one thing that struck me is how even with the horizon line fairly high up, it lays wonderfully flat. I have the hardest time with that, the perspective.

Jill Berry said...

Megha- Thanks you for the boost of confidence! It's always great to get a comment from far-away India.

Karen- Your timely note made me reconsider the bit of high water horizon on the one I just signed. Now I need your advice to tell me if it's going off in the distance or just bumping up.
Thanks though.
Enjoy Your Solos too! Post a video!

a little funny- complements of my daughter, she said: I should get a bumper sticker "Plein-air painters do it OUTSIDE."

Carol Blackburn said...

Great finishing touches to this one, Jill. Congratulations of the solo show. Looking forward to pictures. Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and inspirational year.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Congratulations on the solo show.
This painting is beautiful. I agree with dacoop, Your patience really paid off. Well done Jill.