Sunday, December 12, 2010

Distant Shore

 "A Distant Shore" 12x16, Oil

This shore is not from around here. I had this 'start' from a recent workshop.

 Working-in the mid-section: the structures, boats, and reflections.

My little studio pet, snacking and watching- "The Making of the Distant Shore".


Kathy Cousart said...

Jill, Wow, Distant Shore is beautiful. I love the water- amazing how you always capture the water/waves just perfectly for each setting. The boats and homes on the right are soft but yet have the right amount of detail in them. You truly have a gift.
Enjoyed the video-love the squirrel friend- we all need a bit of fun each day, right?
Take care!

Susan Roux said...

So lovely Jill! I like how you scooped the foreground shore. It keeps the viewer in like nestled in a bowl. I'll take of bowl of ocean front property anytime!

BaysideLife said...

Another beautiful painting. I'd like to step into that image and live there forever. Your studio pet is adorable.

Gilberto said...

Merry Christmas and Loads of inspiration for 2011.

Marie Theron said...

Jill, you did wonders with the water! I love the rhythm and asymmetry you achieved with the boats and buildings!

Jill Berry said...

I love the creativity exhibited in comments of artist.
Kathy- Your kind comments are humbling. Though that is how I see it- the world through appreciative artists eyes is truly a gift.
And yep if it came in pill form, fun should be on our supplement list, for sure.
Susan- Thanks for the great comment. I thought of it as I worked on my next painting, It's a bit nestled now too. PS- my son is an agent if you really want some ocean front. Tell him his Mom sent you!
Bayside- Wonderful comment, a painted image that makes you want to live there! Wow, thanks, especially considering the beautiful images of your surroundings.
Hello Gilberto, Thanks for the wishes. And may you too find joy at Christmas and through your art.
Marie- Rhythm! A terrific aspect to try and put on canvas. And yes, I enjoy asymmetry. When I was a floral designer, I never liked the symmetrical arrangements.

The Warmest of Christmas Wishes
to all my readers,
the new ones,
and the long-time ones.
You all have helped me
grow so much as an artist.
I am readying for a big event,
just after the holidays-
my first one-women-show!!

Luzia said...

Your painting is great but the studion pet is sweeter than sweet:-)) Hugs from Luzia.

Teresa said...

Cute little "mentor" you have there!