Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Water-Way

The Water-Way, 16x20 gallery-wrap canvas. (Sold) 
A while back I posted a painting from under this bridge. It wasn't till that day I noticed it is actually visible from my kitchen window, through the park trees.  

On this mid-March morning, it was extra breezy out there, but that's where I found "my view".
Laying in the foundation; thinking, large masses.
Constructing the focal points with blocks of darkest darks and lightest lights. 
Using the knife now- adding variety of edges & texture.
Utilizing the straight edge of the knife for bridge details. Other times using it flat to give a soft-focus edge.

Yes, my rendition of the day, the sky- turned out quite active. And I have not thus far been able to put mooring posts in for that yacht. I only hope, I have retained some of the Life, the vitality of this location- Oyster Bar Marina, Perdido Key.
Boats, birds, runners; UPS, 7-up, & cement trucks, even palm trees, all en-route.


Mary Jane said...

Reminds me of the 1000 Islands!
Love the water shadow.

Beautiful work, Jill!

Janelle Goodwin said...

Your painting is brimming with life. The white boat is shimmering from water reflections. The viewer can sense of sunlight and cool air of the day. And somehow the building is painted in muted red that does not dominate.

Another jewel, Jill!

Jill Berry said...

Mary Jane- Thanks! & also for sharing your Northern landscape. I just enjoyed a slideshow at their site. I haven't been up that far. At age 10 we worked our way up through Boston, NYC, & Niagra.
Good to hear from you again.

Janelle- your artistic observations are a boost to the art-spirit! ...appreciate ya!

Teresa said...

It's lovely Jill! I enjoyed the WIPs and reading your thought process as you painted.