Thursday, September 2, 2010


Jill Berry Fine Art Studio has been taking a few vacation days due to summer-fun with company. I'm pulling from the archives to show this Wave Mural which filled the entire wall, floor to ceiling. When a painting on canvas sells, it feels like that work will live on forever, though apart from you. Not so, with walls. When houses sell, more than likely they are totally re-decorated, so I'm not sure if this work still exists. As my son returned from a trip to Scotland, no maybe Japan (it was about 10 years ago) he was pleasantly surprised at this scene on his bedroom wall. He grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and loves the water, as I do. This week as we boated, dolphins swam all around us. They first popped up, literally touching the bow of the boat! The little ones on board screamed as if on the "Jaws Ride"! Then finally warmed up to them and got out on the raft.  
These shots were taken back in May from the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Too bad I didn't have my camera or even phone on our dolphin adventure ride.
"Lonely Studio", but ~FUN!~ week.


Marie Theron said...

That wave is amazing, Jill! One really needs super observation to capture that! Enjoy your vacation!

Carol Blackburn said...

Gorgeous wave, Jill. Love the varing translucence of the curl.

Paula said...

I love that mural and I hope it's still there. I also enjoy "the archives" as they usually bring back very happy memories like these.

Chuck Dilmore said...

i n s p i r e d !

quite likely your best work, yet!
love it, Jill!

Luuuuuua said...

f interesant blog,bravo

Jill Berry said...

Thanks all-
I'm looking forward to catching up on all my blog friends' work as soon as mine settles a bit.

Paula- Me too, & I drove by that house after painting yesterday, noticed it was for sale, & wondered even more than before.

Hey Chuck Dilmore- So you like ~waves~ do ya?

Welcome Luuuuuua, all the way from Romania! I enjoyed your "World Photos", especially seeing your beach.