Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Under the Stars

I was thrilled the Pensacola Little Theatre asked me to display for Gallery Night. The Cultural Center is located just across the street from our largest gallery- Quayside, and the Pensacola Museum of Art (pictured below).
27 original Jill Berry works were happy to escape the confines of the studio & hang out together downtown for the evening.
A Navy man, liking the ~boats~ of course.
Navy man's wife, Connie, who runs the Theatre. And my new Navy/Theater friends. That's Louisville on the end. I had to ask, "Are you from Louisville", when I saw his shirt. "No, my name is Louisville." Where ever they are from, suffice it to say, the Navy has brought people here from all over.
This is not the Real Elvis... and I know that because, when I was 17 my Dad took me to see the REAL Elvis in concert in... Louisville! (This one, busting a move in the middle of the street: sing-a-gram-elvis!) Inside the Theatre was a performance of "All Shook Up", which was all sold-out.
& the zombie parade... it was getting late... but I think this was real!


Carol Blackburn said...

Congratulations on your show Jill.....looks like you got lots of exposure. I didn't know zombies were into art. Makes one want to paint a few blood-curdling pieces to see how they'd sell.

Janelle Goodwin said...

How cool is that, seeing all your beautiful art hung together in one place! Looks like it was a great event (including the creepy zombies!)

Marie Theron said...

I am sure it was very enjoyable and attracted a lot of spectators of the normal variety too. Congratulations on the show, Jill!

BaysideLife said...

Jill I wish had been able to come down and see your work in person. Maybe another Gallery Night?

Jill Berry said...

Carol, Ha! Lord only knows what they're "into". I did engage one in conversation & through "broken" zombie/English learned- they get out once a year & reside at Univ of West FL.
The exposure was great!
Real-live !

Thanks Janelle & Marie- I'm glad you all got a kick out of the zombies (I almost didn't include them.) Like this part- It was a "cool" and "enjoyable" event ~After~ the hot & strenuous setup and guys from the Theatre brought out those weights because the wind "exposure" blew the dang thing over while I was still hanging & trying to get ready for "spectators". Nearly lost my "cool" & "joy", tempted to be the 'cryin' sort & disappear. Guess it all makes us stronger. Thanks for letting me share my ups & downs again. I love the outdoors & all... but framed-art & galleries have a nice arrangement!

Bayside- Check out the Plein Air Show @ the Wright Place this month. It's a great show.

Teresa said...

Hey... I recognize/remember those paintings! Congrats on your show. Your paintings look beautiful all grouped and on display.