Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pensacola Beach Morning

"Pensacola Beach Morning", [SOLD],16x20, Oil. 2-18-10
The awesome thing about being outside is the atmosphere is always in motion. Indoors is static. But the natural forces of wind and light provide energy to my psyche.
Surely the light did keep changing as I worked on this, but I tried to retain as my central focus- the bright morning glare on the water.
At some points you could barely distinguish where the the sky met the Gulf.
An interesting thing about this location, besides being a favorite surfing spot, is the historic cross.
"The 10-foot, cast concrete cross on Pensacola Beach commemorates the first Christian mass held in the United States. The Knights of Columbus first placed it on the north side of Fort Pickens Road in 1959 as part of the Quadra centennial celebration of Don Tristan de Luna's landing in Pensacola, establishing America's first European settlement. Some time later, the cross was moved to its current home on the south side of Fort Pickens Road.

The Cross has stood firm through many bouts with Mother Nature, including most recently Hurricane Ivan, which flattened most gulf-front dunes for several miles east and west. So far, there is no scientific explanation as to why the dune and the cross have been spared so many times. According to several residents, the answer will never come from science but instead can be found from within."


Marie Theron said...

What an interesting post, Jill!One thing I seldom succeed with is color of the dunes and those stray grasses! Yours are perfect! The historical background is very interesting,and it is wonderful to see you in action!

Carol Blackburn said...

I love these, Jill. You were dressed rather warmly, was this done a while ago?

Jill Berry said...

Good Morning Ladies~ Thanks!

Marie- it's always a pleasure to get mail from a distant time-zone, yet we two have so much in common.

Caorl- yep, that sweater gives me away... in July I'm puttting the finishing touches on work from mid-Febuary. (That was before concerns of "How clean is the beach today", it just always was).
I have a host of patient paintings hanging around the studio.

Dana Cooper said...

Lovely Pensicola morning Jill. I love how you handled the gentle grasses in the foreground!

Teresa said...

This painting is different. I see from your responses that it was done mostly in February.... it's softer (more blended?), smoother. Beautiful. But then all of your paintings are.

Karen Bruson said...

You are so good at painting sea grass!

Dusty Pines said...

hi there - i just discovered you (thru gwen bell's bloglist) - i really like your work - and appreciate 'seeing' a plein air painter at work - thank you so much for sharing your art!

BaysideLife said...

Beautiful paintings of a pristine beach. I hope you'll have more Pensacola Beach Mornings soon--without cleanup crews in the background.

Your pictures are all the more important because you've captured brilliantly a beauty that has been dimmed by man's need for more.

Let's hope this new cap works and this mess stops spewing into the water. Then we can really get going on meaningful cleanup.

Gwen Bell said...

Oh my, this is gorgeous! Love all the colors in the dune area. I really like the way you created the white spray of the waves.

Jill Berry said...

Thank You~
Teresa- yeah, I do look at my work sometimes and think I haven't hit a style-groove yet. Still evolving, working at it- to be like some of these pros in our midst... like our faithful friends, namely-
Karen! &
Thanks for being regulars, ladies.

Dusty Pines-
It's kind of you to share your thoughts.

It is interesting how things take on new meaning as time changes our outlook.