Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Late Afternoon Gulf

Upon discovering this painting in my studio, I thought- Did I paint that? Where and when? It is the Gulf... but Texas, last summer. Aren't cameras among the most amazing inventions? Visual recordings! Imagine trying to share our art and experience, limited to the written word. Through photographs and memories, I owned the brushstrokes and signed the painting. "Late Afternoon Gulf" 11x14, Oil, SOLD.
On the ferry exiting Galveston, I was a sight-seer enjoying the view, and took some home for later as well. ~click pics to enlarge~
5:49 pm
6:46 pm
6-18-09 Traveling Easel- Galveston


Teresa said...

You have the most amazing talent for seeing a beautiful painting in a place where I'd probably not even look twice at. They say painting is about seeing (and not necessarily what's in front of you) ... you've got that down!

Pam Holnback said...

As w/ all of yours, I love this one, too! And the photos are so great!

BaysideLife said...

Another really beautiful painting. I love seeing the progression of your work.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Beautiful painting. You've captured great motion and depth, I can almost feel the ocean wind.

Janelle Goodwin said...

It's interesting to see the changing light and lengthening shadows in these pictures. It's another beautiful painting of nature to keep someone company indoors!

Jill Berry said...

Thank you all so much for commenting.
I enjoy summing up last weeks notes- The "seeing", "motion", "depth", & feeling of "nature".
It's fun to share this thing we call ART with you!

Randall Cogburn said...

Hi Jill,

Nice painting. I wasn't sure if anyone around Galveston was plein air painting or not. I go there sometimes to paint. I plan on doing a kayak trip in the future around deer island to do some painting. Maybe I'll see you around some day. Happy painting.