Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flashbacks and Surprises

"Florida Bluebonnets" 16x20, Oil. SOLD.
Blue- is sky, blue- is water, but blue is the rarest of floral colors. These wildflowers are typical of Texas, where I visited the last two Springs, without the pleasure of seeing or painting any, only to return home and spot this field abloom from my back deck. I notified plein-air friends and we had a special session. The traveling easel didn't have far to go this time, so we just walked across the street.

As my blog-friend Karen Phipps mentioned recently- it's in the doing that we learn. Time spent painting is akin to a workshop by ourselves, for ourselves. Observing my own methods for this work, I have an array of applications.
Ya gotta start somewhere- in this case it was with a house paint brush.
To soften the horizon, I used a cotton cloth.
Distressing over the whiteness of the canvas showing through, because I hadn't pre-toned my canvas, I sought to achieve a ground base by the drip-method.
(Oil paint doesn't always have to be applied thick.)
Finally though, in an attempt to state a massive field of bluebonnets, as opposed to individual flowers- I had to draw my sword.
Gotta love life's little surprises... the unexpected... the suddenlies!


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely, Jill. Thanks for the pictoral. You had an intersting day to say the least.

Teresa said...

It's a beautiful painting.

I've been to Texas twice... and missed the Bluebonnets by just a few weeks both times! Aaarggh!!!

Love what you referenced..."it's in the doing that we learn. Time spent painting is akin to a workshop by ourselves, for ourselves". I'm finding out the truth of those words.

Megha Chhatbar said...

It is so beautiful Jill! Love the location and obviously the way you have converted it into a superb painting!

nancy elstad said...

Beautiful. Thanks for the step by step, loved the way you let the field run sideways. so clever!

Pam Holnback said...

Thanks for including all of the steps! I never thought of the sideways method.

Marie Theron said...

You are the supreme plein air artist ,Jill,always filling the senses of the people who view your work! The bluebonnets are lovely, something I suppose one cannot have enough of

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Jill, before reading your blog I knew these were bluebonnets. You caught them just right in your fabulous composition. love it. hope you had time to paint many more

Ajay Patil said...


Mary Jane said...

That is a beautiful painting, Jill!

Jill Berry said...

~LOVE~ back... to my readers!
I appreciate you.

Megha- I like that- "converted", the idea of Art as- turning our vision into something visible to share. Thanks for commenting!

Nancy &
Pam- Nice to know you like seeing the progression. I often stop & take photos during the process that I never post. (I enjoy seeing them too)

Marie! You're TOO KIND! I appreciated the huge compliment, none the less.

Susan- Great comment again, Thanks! And about the time thing-it's been too long, I'm coming over to catch up on your great work momentarily. . .

Ajay- Thanks- all the way from the USA to India. (my daughter visited India recently)

Mary Jane- I so appreciate your comment and knowing that you stopped by.