Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Protecting the Coast

"Lookout @ Fort Pickens", 11x14 Oil. Our US southern coastline and Pensacola's harbor was at one time protected by men, forts, and canons. On this day at Fort Pickens, it was the stairway-to-the-sky effect that I decided to capture.  
I start with a generous palette, within each color family- warms and cools, transparents and opaques.
Of course, I had to climb the stairs in case their was a more paintable view from on-high. Above shows the Gulf of Mexico. (You may have seen this location on the news last week- it's where they tried to save a baby dolphin, a victim of the oil spill.)
Also visible- the intercoastal waterway and shore of the Naval Air Station- Pensacola. So if I had been traveling by boat, I could have been home in just a few minutes. But then I would have missed the lovely drive down Pensacola Beach.
1898-1947 Battery Worth's mortars could lob 700 pound projectiles in high arcs to penetrate ships.


Jean said...

Très très belle peinture !
Vous avez un grand talent !
J'aime beaucoup !

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

Beautiful painting, Jill. Love the informative post, too. and the views from on high.

Teresa said...

A happy and sad post. Happy for the beautiful painting, sad over what's happening to our beautiful coastlines.

susan hong-sammons said...

This is such a gem of a painting. The design of leading your eye/imagination into the sky is just excellent. I could stare at this piece all day. I keep showing my husband your paintings as we long to live near the ocean. Happy Painting to you Jill. Can't wait to see what you paint next!!!

Marie Theron said...

I admire the ease with which you paint out of doors, Jill, thank you for sharing the process! Your style is always very fresh, like those first old plein air masters have meant it to be..Corot, the Barbizon painters, etc!

Gilberto said...

Very nice! Just too bad, that our effort to discover and shear beauty will be always compensated by the destruction fueled by our untamed greed.

Don Bishop said...

I love that texture on this one, very nice!

Victor Errington said...

Hi Jill.
Paintings, Photos, all brilliant. Absolutely lovely. About twenty colours, Is that correct Jill? Well done, and all the best.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Too bad they couldn't lob some mortars into that hole in the Gulf :(
I like the painting.

Dana Cooper said...

Whoa Jill, that is a fabulous staircase...I love your color wheel palette too!

Jill Berry said...

With each painting posted,
your comments fuel my ambition to become a better artist.
Thanks for being there!
I appreciate you chiming in with thoughts on the Gulf disaster~
Our country... Our world.

Jean- Thank You!
An Art note from a Frenchman~
That just looks cool!

Susan! Coming from you... What a great enthusiastic comment!- leading the imagination...
a lofty goal... though good art should do just that.
Thank You, So Much!

Marie- Yours also, a terrifically motivating thought.
My process does tend toward- slapping on paint in the field... then later asking myself "What was I thinking".
Spontaneity first... fine-tuning later.

Guys- Thanks for stopping by.

Gilberto- Yes, as an artist it is a slow & painful catastrophe to watch happen right out your backdoor.

Don- I appreciate your perspective. Sometimes my texture verges on mutilation. I thought about your advice to lighten up on the sky texture recently when at a workshop, I was told to "dissipate the clouds".

Vic- I'm still working out my color choices. I like variety~ especially outside. It makes for less effort in the mixing process.