Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palm Studies

"Palm in Evening Attire" 12x16, Oil. SOLD.
My favorite time, artistically speaking, to set out back is when the late afternoon warmth  blankets the landscape. It seemed odd to print this photo from my "paint this" file and take it to the workshop last week, but I'm glad I finally portrayed my most familiar scene, even if not in plein air. (The slab in the foreground is what remains of a house that fell victim to hurricane Ivan.)
"Palm Friends", 11x14, Oil. SOLD. It was the interaction of these two palms that took center stage... the leaning gesture of the large one and the way the light beamed through it- that was my challenge.
Well, I started out in the shade of this palm, but I kept having to move.
There were a variety of boaters, a group of kayakers, people casting nets, birds, planes, a guy living in his truck...lots of live action. I'm still tempted to give it some more life. What do you think?  


Karen Bruson said...

Great job on the sky.

Dana Cooper said...

Love these palm studies Jill, particularly the one on the top. And as beautiful as the second one is, I think I would like to see some of the actvity you described.

veredit said...

Absolutely wonderful studies! I love your work, they are so full of light and sensitivity.

Teresa said...

When you say "give it some more life" what do you have in mind?

I really like it as is. It's quiet, inviting the viewer to create their own thoughts around the landscape. The sparkle on the water and the light through the palms with all the colors in them is gorgeous. I love it!

steve strode said...

Hi Jill, "Palm in Evening Attire" outstanding painting, love the light and the loose handling. All the best Steve.

Mavi Spagnuolo said...

Great Job!!!! congratulations!

SKIZO said...


Rick said...

I clicked over from Kim VanDerHoek's blog. I really like your work. Thank you for sharing.

Marie Theron said...

How alive are those trees, Jill. I love it that you add so much character to a work that is not there in the photo!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I can see that you are full of joy that you have chosen an avocation you really love that brings you friends, fame, and a few bucks to buy more supplies to keep on paintin'. You are truly blessed. I have no doubt that I will see you featured in a national art magazine very shortly. I can open the pages and say, "I know this artist personally!" Don't you love it when a plan comes together?


Gwen Bell said...

These Palms are magnificent! Love the energetic slashes of color creating the leaves.

Jill Berry said...

Thanks so much for your friendly notes!
A special welcome to the new folks!
I am determined to get around and check out your work.

Dana- I should learn about activity, from studying your work.

Veredit- "sensitivity"- that's a kindly spoken complement. Thanks!

Teresa- I stopped when I sort of felt that I had achieved my original intent- the palms & the light. Though, some of the boaters in my photos from this day might wake it up, in case it is too "quite". Thanks for your observations.

Hey Steve- Do they let you out for summer holiday in Liverpool? I've still not figured out why yours & a few other blogs will not show up on my blogger-dashboard.

Yes Marie- an artist must use her imagination!

Terry- Now, I don't know about all that fame stuff, but encouraging friends... a Tremendous Blessing! Hope to see ya Friday.

Gwen- glad I could do my part to conserve a little energy! Thanks

Dale Sherman Blodget said...

I especially love the one on the top, also. So sorry about your beautiful coast. I guess the oil will make it's way to mine (Cape Ann, MA) before long.

Jean said...

Vos peintures sont plus belles que les photos !
Très très beau !

liz wiltzen said...

Great piece Jill, the feeling of sunlight really comes through in this one! Love it!