Monday, May 3, 2010

Sun Day!

"Sun Day!" 24x30, Oil. [Sold from Merrill Miller's Interiors Jan. 2011]
A compilation of my photos taken at Pensacola Beach was the inspiration for this sizable canvas. Hopefully it will be this painting's day to shine. It's been setting here on the piano for a year. I finally decided it was time to sign it and let it meet some other paintings at the gallery show. By Wednesday we'll know if it got rejected.

We have had a "sun-drought" for 3 days... it's been windy, rainy and various combinations of the two. Stepping out to photograph this- you can hear the roar of the sea... under the uncharacteristic blank sky, and the birds seem to detect a threat... a bit frantic as if a hurricane was on the horizon. The thought of oil gushing out onto our sea and shoreline, grieves me. Some are scooping up souvenirs as if they will never see our trademark white sand again.

Carlson, who "wrote the book" on landscape painting, makes a convincing argument about his Theory of Angles. I understand the principle- "the sky, the source of light, must be the lightest mass or value in a landscape." Then he adds, "Snow, however, is an exception." Around here, we could add another exception, as our sands are more brilliant than our blue skies.


nancy elstad said...

Your paintings always amaze me. A couple weeks ago we took a trip to your area, went as far as Seaside then backtracked to Pensacola. We were amazed by the beaches. I remembered you lived there. YOu have wonderful places to paint, I'm envious!

Jill Berry said...

Hey Nancy- Thanks! Glad to know you've been gettin around (that's more fun than bloggin). Yeah...moved here from the coast of NC, with no idea- it was to become a painter's paradise for me. Seaside IS totally cool! Now, there I go... envying the folks down the road!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

This is a fantastic painting. I'm glad it will be out and about and meeting others. I have no doubt it will be well-received!

Susan Roux said...

You're colors and softness are sublime...

Gwen Bell said...

Another gorgeous painting, Jill! The light in this is fantastic. Love the path of light leading across the canvas and that bit of swirl close to your signature. Good luck at the show...I know this beauty will be a highlight!

Teresa said...

It's beautiful!!! I wanna go to the beach!

Luzia said...

Wow! It´s like my dream from my holiday trip to the Eastern Sea. So wonderful texture an colours - I want to lay down on the dunes..... Best regards Luzia.

Nina E Jørgensen said...

sounds like you have been going out a lot lately, it must be so liberating to draw out in the free - dont know why i never do, i always seem to sit and draw inside! but nice painting!

Lindy Brown said...

Beautiful as always! Love the colors in the sand. I just started a blog too. I've got a long way to go :)

Jill Berry said...

Thanks! ~blog~girl~friends~

Fantastic, sublime, & gorgeous!!!
that pretty-much sums up a beach day. So, I guess I got my impression out.
"I wanna go" there..."lay down on the dunes"- great comments!

Gwen- on paths & light~~~
When painting out, we're not to "chase the light", but set your shadow areas in place & stick with it. But in composition, the eye follows the light. Thanks for noticing.

Nina- You should! Definitely, try it. It's an extra effort that always pays off. Observing nature first-hand will add a new dimension. Wind in your hair~ adds life to your work!(Standing while painting does too.)

Lindy- Hey, thanks for letting me in on your new art-blog. It's all a journey... just keep at it.
Great to see you & the fam at the farm Sat.
I appreciate your comment.